Andrew Kent Wigmore- Attorney at Law can help you with your custody / visitation matters with the knowledge and experience you need from your attorney.

Whether you have a Carteret County custody case, an Onslow County custody case, or a Craven County custody case, Andrew has been practicing for more than 23 years before the 14 District Court Judges that will hear your case.  That is the kind of experience in, and familiarity with, the Courts you need from your attorney handling your case.

It is important to secure your attorney at the earliest possible stage of your case so that you are ahead of the matter, or at the very least on an equal playing field with the opposing party.  The first days of your custody case will most likely be the most important days to secure your rights to continue to have ongoing and regular contact with your child(ren) during this tough time of you and your child(ren)’s lives.

If you call Andrew to help you with a custody / visitation matter, he will get back to you most times the same day (especially if you will accept an after-hours call) to discuss your case because he is fully aware the way a case proceeds can depend on how fast you get started when that custody issue, or denial of visitation, occurs.

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