Driving While Impaired

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In North Carolina the law regarding DWI is that you may be found guilty of Driving While Impaired if you are driving a vehicle while impaired by an impairing substance or by registering a .08 or above on the intoxilyzer.

But there is so much more to a DWI.  First, the officer has to have a reasonable and articulable suspicion to pull your vehicle over.  Next, the officer has to establish probable cause to make a DWI arrest.  There is no requirement for a driver to blow on the alka-sensor (black box) roadside, nor is there a requirement for a driver to submit to field tests or even answer the officer’s questions.  A driver must present registration and license, and further must submit to the intoxilyzer for breath alcohol content or lose their license for a year for failing to blow. 

Because all these stages of a DWI exist, Andrew Kent Wigmore - Attorney at Law can help you with your DWI case that you thought was hopeless.  Additionally, Andrew can make the process of handling your DWI much easier by making sure you can begin driving as soon as possible while your DWI case is pending.

Andrew Kent Wigmore – Attorney at Law has the knowledge and experience to handle your Carteret County DWI.

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